Vivo X50 Pro Review and Specifications

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Vivo X50 Pro

Vivo X50 Pro Review and Specifications, Previously, we were familiar with dreadlocks technology as an additional accessory separate from smartphones. This device is very helpful for video capture to be stable. For some people, it may be less practical, because they have to bring additional devices. Then comes the vivo X50 series in the first half of 2020, with the vivo X50 Pro the star.

Vivo X50 Pro is not the best variant in terms of chipset usage. But this series has adopted Gimbal Stabilization technology, which was previously introduced in prototype smartphones, APEX 2020. Not just a gimmick, the alias can indeed improve the quality of videos and photos significantly. And still paired with other camera sensors with complete setup.

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For more than one week using vivo X50 Pro as a daily driver, this technology is not the only feature that makes me amazed with this smartphone. Overall, this device presents a complete package, for a smartphone with medium specifications that are sold at a premium price.

Vivo X50 Pro Review and Specifications

Vivo X50 Pro

Is this device suitable for everyone? Of course not. Here are my complete impressions about the Vivo X50 Pro.

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Vivo X50 Pro design

This is the first vivo smartphone I have ever reviewed, and seems to have given a charming impression. Not only when handling the unit, the impression of premium is felt from the first time you open the box or box of the Vivo X50 Pro. The presentation was made very well and neatly, to the layout of the accessories themselves.

Turning to the smartphone, this is a device that looks very elegant when seen, and feels premium when held. The front screen is curved, the punch-hole camera is made as small as the previous vivo V19 series, and is very thin with a thickness of only 8mm.

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Weighing less than 200 grams, aka only about 180 grams. This is arguably quite impressive, considering that the dreadlocks module itself has taken up far more space than conventional OIS technology. Side corners are made slightly curved with a combination of rear glass made doff or frosted, aka not easily soiled by fingerprints.

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