Samsung Galaxy M31 Review and Specifications

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Samsung Galaxy M31 Specifications

Samsung Galaxy M31 Review and Specifications, Around February 2019, Samsung made a breakthrough that could be considered quite surprising, by releasing a new line of Galaxy M-series. Samsung Galaxy M20 is presented officially in Indonesia, has a large screen, a large battery, the specifications are quite capable but in an affordable price. Before that, Samsung smartphones were still quite famous with more “mediocre” specifications (except the flagship series, yes), impressed by relying on brand names and after sales service.

One year later, no less than five Samsung Galaxy M series have been released, each of which brings essential enhancements. First released, the Samsung Galaxy M20 features a PLS LCD screen which, although good, is unlike other Samsung smartphones that generally use AMOLED panels. In addition, the capacity of RAM and ROM is still considered less relieved. Then the release of the Galaxy M30 which already uses a Super AMOLED screen, 4GB of RAM, plus an additional camera that makes taking photos more flexible. But the chipset was felt lacking, considering there was no improvement from its predecessor.

Samsung Galaxy M31 Review and Specifications

Samsung Galaxy M31

We were able to test the use of both, and with the Samsung Galaxy M31, we are curious about what improvements Samsung will bring this time. The number of cameras is added, the battery is getting bigger, plus the processor has also been upgraded from the Galaxy M30. Is the Galaxy M31 suitable to be the smartphone of choice in the price range of IDR 3 million? Here are my usage experiences for several days while #DiRumahAja.

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The design

Viewed from the outside, not much has changed from the Samsung Galaxy M31, compared to the Galaxy M20 though. The design looks quite generic in my opinion, especially for the level of Samsung smartphones that are usually bright and attractive as in the A-series line. At least Samsung provides two new color options that are quite interesting; blue (Ocean Blue) and purple-red (Red) that I use this. The color is quite bright but not excessive, also suitable for male use. The color can be slightly changed according to the intensity of the light captured, and the side of the body as it is made turns black.

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