Samsung Galaxy M21 Review and Specifications

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Samsung Galaxy M21 Review

Samsung Galaxy M21 Review and Specifications, Samsung should be called one of the most productive smartphone manufacturers today. After releasing Galaxy M31 in March and A31 earlier this month, they re-released a new series this week. This time, the newcomer is the “younger brother” of M31 as an affordable fellow M series, namely the Samsung Galaxy M21.

The more variety of Samsung phone series in the entry-mid class also raises questions about the Galaxy M21. Actually, what are the advantages that make us have to buy this smartphone in the midst of increasingly fierce competition between brands? Are the advantages offered by this cellphone able to meet the needs of the present and provide the best experience for users such as playing games and streaming?

Samsung Galaxy M21 Review and Specifications

Samsung Galaxy M21 Review

To answer a series of questions above, KINCIR will review the Samsung Galaxy M21 straightly based on experience using this device with a little comparison with competitors and the same series of Samsung’s. Let’s see, who knows this review can help you to buy this phone or not!

Solid Familiar Design

One thing that might stick out in your mind when you see the Samsung Galaxy M21 is a matter of design that looks very familiar. We assume that this allegation is reasonable, especially if you really pay attention to the development of Samsung smartphones over the past year.

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Yep, in appearance, the Galaxy M21 is like a nut split in half with the Galaxy M31. In fact, this cell phone looks no different from the Galaxy M30s. Both the M21 and M30s adopt the Infinity-U water drop screen design with three cameras on the back. While the difference with the Galaxy M31 as a “big brother” is only in the rear camera which amounts to four.

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Although impressed lazy because there are no significant changes, the design on the Galaxy M21 is not exactly bad. Moreover, the water drop design is also still adopted by several other smartphone brands for some products in the entry-mid class.

When compared with the Galaxy A51, A71, or A80 that we have reviewed before, the Galaxy M21 does seem more “fat”. Even so, this phone feels light and still feels comfortable. Moreover, the “fat” M21 is quite reasonable because the batteries used are more powerful than its siblings from the A and S series.

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