Samsung Galaxy A01 Review and Specifications

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Samsung Galaxy A01

Samsung Galaxy A01 Review and Specifications, Samsung Galaxy A01 is an entry-level smartphone for the Z generation that has a smartphone for the first time

For those who are looking for an Android smartphone with the price of a million, but the brand must be Samsung, then the answer is Galaxy A01 and Galaxy A10s. The prices of these two smartphones are slightly different, the specifications are somewhat similar even though the difference is quite a lot, especially in the screen size, chipset, and battery capacity.

When released in March, the Samsung Galaxy A01 is priced at Rp1,499,000. As a comparison, currently the price of the Galaxy A10s is around Rp1.6 million. According to Samsung, the entry-level smartphone market in the one million segment is very large and very sensitive to price differences.

Samsung Galaxy A01 Review and Specifications

Samsung Galaxy A01 Review

So, which one is better to choose, Galaxy A01 or A10s? Let’s find out and the following review Samsung Galaxy A01 in full.

Infinity-V Design

Although the price is affordable, the design style of the Galaxy A01 is the same as the Galaxy A series which is priced more expensive. Appear simple and minimalist with Infinity V display on the face and have rounded corners that feel tight in the palm of the hand.

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Comes with dimensions of 146.2 × 70.9 × 8.3 mm and weighs 149 grams. Its size is compact and thin, so easily stored in a pants pocket. Even so, actually the screen is still quite wide at 5.7 inches with a resolution of 720 × 1520 pixels in a 19: 9 ratio.

The screen quality is indeed not special, but it is sufficient to sustain the user’s smartphone activities. Bezel edge of the screen is quite thin, although the chin is a bit thick but not too annoying and can instead serve as a place to rest your thumb when watching videos in landscape mode.

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The body itself is made of plastic material which should make it more durable, but the back cover needs protection so it doesn’t get scratched. Because the contents of the Galaxy A01 sales package only consist of a smartphone unit, charger head, and microUSB data cable – users should look for scratch resistant and cases that are purchased separately to protect the screen and back cover.