Redmi 9 Review – Champion at Entry Level

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Redmi 9 Review

Redmi 9 Review – Champion at Entry Level, The presence of Redmi 9 in mid-July cannot be underestimated. This smartphone made by Xiaomi Indonesia has great potential to dominate the entry level market at a price of around Rp. 2 million. Having an attractive appearance with adequate specification support further adds to the peak position that is easily achieved. Moreover, Redmi’s branding so far is already quite good in the market.

This time the Gizmologi team had the opportunity to try out the global version of Redmi 9. Understandably, this unit was sent before the official version launch date in Indonesia. And indeed there is no difference between the global market version and for the homeland. So the process of reviewing products is also easy to do.

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Then is it true that our hypothesis that Redmi 9 will rule the market in its class? No need to elaborate anymore, please refer to our following review.

Redmi 9 Review Champion at Entry Level

Redmi 9 Review

The design Redmi 9

Redmi 9 is made with a choice of textured designs on the back cover. Like crop circles, the texture of the line is circular around the smartphone camera. So that it brings out an elegant and balanced feel to the design. An impression that was indeed tried to be manifested by Redmi 9.

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The circle of camera lenses is neatly aligned vertically. Uniquely among the rows there is one of the lowest circles which is a fingerprint sensor. Its location in the array of camera lenses, had made us think that this smartphone uses a side-unlock fingerprint. Redmi calls this design an “anti-fingerprint texture back”.

Unfortunately, the location of the finger sidij scanner feels uncomfortable to us, because the model that sticks out follows the height of the lens. One more thing that is unfortunate is the existence of a line of bokeh and flash camera lenses on the side of the main series, a bit of a disperse impression of balance there.

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For the color choices in Redmi 9, there is no longer a violet color gradation like some other products. The colors used tend to be solid with three choices namely carbon gray, ocean green, and sunset purple. Similar to its predecessor Redmi 8 which did use a similar solid color choice.