Realme C15 Review: Champion of a Large Battery

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Realme C15 Specifications

Realme C15 Review: Champion of a Large Battery, First time in the world! No, it is not the first smartphone with a 6,000 mAh battery, but it is evidently that the C15 was first introduced globally in Indonesia. Yup, reality is indeed always intense to bring advanced technology, if the feature is not brought to the mid-range, new features are brought to the entry-level. Previously, the Realme C11 brought a whole lot more new designs. Not only has the camera design had reality also brought Nightscape features, which were not previously available on smartphones in the upper class.

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Through the launch of the Realme C15, the Realme wants to bring a smartphone with a 6,000mAh Mega Battery. The battery is large, but it is also supported by 18 Watt Quick Charge charging technology. These two technologies first appeared, in contrast to the Realme C-series known as the Entry-Level King. What is this smartphone like as a whole? Only cool in the battery, or in all the features needed, including setting the rear camera? Here is my experience trying the Realme C15 for several days.

Realme C15 Review: Champion of a Large Battery

Realme C15

The design Realme C15

When I first held this smartphone, it felt a little thicker and heavier than other Realme smartphones. Naturally, the battery is really big, but still satisfied, with a thickness of 9.8mm and a weight of 209 grams. Think of it like holding a superior smartphone that has the same weight.

From the front, visible mini-drop notch with three sides of the thin bezel except for the lower bezel which is slightly thick. There are volume and power buttons on the right, blank on the top and triple SIM slot on the top left. While at the bottom there is a 3.5mm audio jack, microphone, micro-USB port and mono speaker.

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The rear body starts a fresh design from the Realme C11. Similar, but made a little different. The logo of reality still remains at the bottom, with the box camera module already present, while the pattern reminds me of some old smartphone Realme series, using a geometric gradient design, gradation of the color looks fresher, still interesting to be seen Stay in the beginner class.