Nokia C5 Endi Review and Specifications

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Nokia C5 Endi

Nokia C5 Endi Review and Specifications, Price of Nokia C5 Endi and Specifications – HMD Global again complements the existing Nokia smart phone variant in May 2020. This is because on May 29, 2020, HMD Global through the Cricket Wireless operator officially announced the Nokia C5 Endi.

This smartphone is coated with a frame made from plastic. As for the screen, this Nokia smart phone uses a type of IPS LCD screen which has a size of 6.52 inches.

Nokia C5 Endi Review

Nokia C5 Endi Review and Specifications

From the camera sector, the Nokia C5 Endi smart phone relies on three rear cameras and one front camera that has different functions – each camera.

To support the performance of every feature in all sectors, this smartphone is equipped with a Lithium Polymer battery which has a capacity of 4000 mAh which has a charging capacity of 10W.

This Nokia smartphone itself only has one variant that depends on the capacity of the embedded RAM and ROM, namely 3GB RAM and 64GB ROM.

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Then, what are the specifications and prices of the Nokia C5 Endi in all sectors? For more details, let’s follow the Employee review of the following Nokia smartphones.

Nokia C5 Endi design

This review of the Nokia C5 Endi specification will give employees a start with a discussion of the design sector.

Where the body of the Nokia C5 Endi is coated with a frame that uses a plastic base material.

The dimensions that are owned by this Nokia smart phone are 171.7 mm long, 76.7 mm wide, and 8.9 mm thick, weighing 200 grams.

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Smartphones that have curved corners in all four corners use a nano-sized SIM.

From the front design, the Nokia C5 Endi uses a screen which is a type of IPS LCD screen that has a size of 6.52 inches.

The screen has a resolution of 720 x 1600 pixels, with a screen density of around 269 ppi.

Based on the screen size and dimensions of the Nokia C5 Endi as a whole, it can be calculated the ratio of the screen to the body of the smartphone with a result of about 77.9%.

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